Mission Statement

Balkanicus Institute for Balkan Art, Culture and History (BIBACH) based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota aspires to generate and initiate further research and to deepen the knowledge and the understanding of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe. The goal is to promote Balkan art, culture and history to the American people and audience and in the same time to give outlet to the Balkan communities in Minnesota.

 DBW 2016 9

Balkanicus series of concerts which provides the audience with a glimpse at an unfamiliar and uncommon cultural aspect of the Balkans—the modern chamber music from this region—incited a circle of scholars to come together in the promotion of Balkan culture as a whole. The Balkanicus Institute, contrary to the image of conflict habitually envisaged when thinking about the Balkans, will collaborate with various organizations to create a culture of cooperation and friendship among the Balkan peoples and beyond through concerts, seminars, art exhibitions, film festivals and other cultural and scholarly projects.



A youtube video of balkan music